Lotus Produce

Why choose us?

Are you willing to consume fresh goods and still protect the planet alongside supporting growers and farmers? Lotus produce is the address to be at.
Our main concept is to supply second-class goods to reduce food waste because we believe wonky and surplus produce is still beautiful.






Quality and Fresh

From Farm with Love

Our Vision

Our Mision

We strive to provide value for customers with a range of the finest quality fruit & vegetables and a consistent highest quality service. We work together as a team and are committed to providing a seamless link between growers and producers and our customers.
We aim to grow with nature in the marketplace through our broad customer base, and our competitive advantages: our people, our suppliers, our link between growers and producers, and our customers; delivering our customers with exceptional fresh produce and service.

Whether you are a catering business, restaurant, nursing home, cafe, or corporate events organizer if you are seeking a wholesaler for your fresh produce needs Lotus Produce will meet your expectations!